Hello! My name is Casey and I am a student currently living in Northern Ireland. My interests include kpop and makeup, so I thought why not combine the two and start this blog?

My love for kpop began in late 2013. My friend came into school and excitedly brought out her Blackberry Curve (which were all the range back then) to show me this “new Korean boyband” she found. She told me how amazing she thought they were, and about how she had a crush on “the guy with the long hair” and how they had a song called Lucifer. My edgy 13 year old self decided to look up said group, and now 4 years later, I am deeper than ever into the kpop scene. And I still love SHINee of course!

My love for makeup really began in late 2012. I remember getting this one off brand makeup kit from Argos for Christmas from a family member. It had more eye shadows and lip colours than I could ever dream of! My 12 year old eyes lit up whilst I experimented with makeup on the weekends- I would change my look so often it was unreal: One week, I would say that dark “smokey” eyes (aka panda eyes when i look back) were my favourite, then the next I would say I love fuchsia pink lipstick. I was a mess! However years of playing around with makeup has been well worth it and I still love experimenting with new looks (I’m just better at it these days!)

So what do I plan to do with this blog? Well, I hope to bring you kpop music video and idol inspired makeup looks, tutorials, and reviews of korean and kpop related beauty products.

I hope you will enjoy this little blog and I hope enjoy writing it.

Lots of love,

Casey x

Song Recommendation: Mamamoo  Cat Fight


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